Legal Support for Immigration Cases


We believe a firm should be structured around its lawyers, not its partners. We understand clients get the best advice when their lawyers are free to focus on them, not what’s going on behind the scenes. Our support team forms the foundations of our company and, whilst in a traditional firm you might expect to find the lawyers near the bottom of the pyramid, at BAWA you’ll find them at the very top current practice and application procedure.

Whether you are in overseas and looking to come to the UK or already in the UK and looking to extend your permission to stay, BAWA Consultants can provide professional advice on viable immigration solutions. Consultation conferences are arranged by appointment only, free of charge, during which we undertake a thorough assessment of individual circumstances and advise on eligibility. Cases are discussed in the strictest confidence. Consultation visits are also available for corporate clients.

We have adviser who has been practicing in the highest level for over many years. We are specialists in our industry, providing consultancy and case management services to individuals and businesses, we have a dedicated group of staffs and the resources to ensure that your migration journey runs smoothly and successfully. We understand that applying for an UK visa for most people is a daunting task and often results in a lot of undue stress. For this reason, we have built our business around your needs to ensure that you can get on with the other important factors involved in migrating while we take care of the visa administration.

Our perfect documentation assures you a visa to any destination country of your choice. Our success rate runs close to 100% as having top level expertise and extensive experience. Our highly professional approach and a crisp documentation fetches us success in most matters we undertake. Our honest and fair dealings with clients as Expert Visa Agents and professional interactions with embassy officials and staff have earned us an enviable reputable in our line of business.

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