Legal Support for Trade Dispute Cases


BAWA has arrangement to solve the Trade Dispute either immure ably of through legal channel such as Payment Recovery, Partnership Settlement or any other matter of urgency. BAWA is a consultancy specializing in Export Licensing, Export Controls, Trade, and Customs issues. The services we offer from BAWA are at three levels dependent upon the issue and an organization’s needs.

With over many years of combined experience in the travel sector we have a track record of delivering a range of professional consultancy services to travel businesses just like yours. We specialize in understanding the complex UK and European travel regulations and we have unrivalled expertise in consulting on ATOL, ABTA and IATA requirements.

Our Levels of Services

  • External Representation e.g. to the BIS, European Commission, HMRC and UK Border Force, the US Government and/or organizations by experienced practitioners.
  • Internal Consultancy, support, training, including tailor-made check lists for duty reduction, research, access to world-wide databases, and a plan of action.
  • Advice and Support available at the end of a phone/fax/e-mail system including access to other consultancies in UK.

In matter of Export Control BAWA Consultants have some of the most extensive experience available this side of the Atlantic. They can assist your business across the board and from top to bottom in defining the solutions to Customs problems, and Complex Export Control Issues.

Exporters of ALL products and their Forwarding Agents are more at risk in Today's World even than in the Cold War. Foreign subsidiaries (especially those with Ex Pat managers) are often unaware that they must comply with the Export Controls of the country in which they are resident as well as the regulations of their Parent Company's country of Origin.

This is because of the complexity of an ever growing web of UK and Penalties which are superimposed on existing Strategic Export Controls. In an increasingly integrated global economy Multinational companies in particular can see their supply chains disrupted with severe financial loss as happened during the so called Toshiba Kongsberg Affair, some years ago. Anything to do with Encryption is particularly fraught because of the need for surveillance and Counter -Terrorism controls. In the case of anything related to Armaments and Embargoed Destinations the BAWA Controls are worldwide in application.

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