Bazar de Europe 2016


Sangeeta said: I'm really happy for being a part of the Series "East meets West" it's great news to start the New Year with! I know she's disappointed not to be doing the tour I was supporting the welfare association BAWA during the show and it is fantastic, and I'm happy to be able to step in to the world of welfare with their open arms. It's no secret that I loved my time in Abu Dhabi by participating in NEW YEARS' EXPLOSION and that I'm a big fan of the person, creative mind, and the introducer of the show, Dr Barlas. He is a friend, philosopher and a guide to me. Today, I'm straight into rehearsals learning the routines and meeting the guys and next week we'll be on tour seeing fans across the country I can't wait!

Vinod Khanna: 'It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the show. Very innovative, entertaining and the crowd was just unbelievable. It was definitely one of the most crowded and happening shows I have performed in; and all thanks to Mr. Barlas and his team to have organised such a huge and successful show. His team and of course him has promoted this show way before it was about to begin and therefore i believe it was successful at such a large scale. All thanks to him and his team and looking forward to work to work more in the future."

The "DIVA" Dance Group - Honey Kalaria, now successfully running her own dance academy named Honey's Dance Academy in the United Kingdom and India

The " ALAAP GROUP "- one of the most popular and famous Bhangra group of all time in the British and Indian music industry gained more popularity and recognition throughout programmes.

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