East Meets West


It is our pride and pleasure to announce that our team had succoured with introducing new small business and cultural talents who had joined us as clients in promoting their business to a larger scale. We finally launched our International Cultural Event " EAST meets West'', showcasing the young talents of both the Western and Asian cultures to the Middle Eastern countries. First show was held in Dubai at Al Nasir Hall. Due to the success of the show we had to continue at the unaccountable requests of our precious audience and clients, more episodes of "East meets West''. Episodes of 'East meets West' were held at states in UAE including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Doha, Dubai and many more. Commercially successful show gained reputation for both our company and the small business clients.

We jointly participated with British Asians Welfare Association (BAWA) and have a continuing relationship. BAWA helps the young people by providing advice towards vocational training in trades that are currently in demand. They also give grants and scholarships stipends or grants for studies in the field of Technology, Science, Art and Management in England and overseas. BAWA organises various events that showcase the talent and craft of the community. These shows not only provide great exposure and opportunities for young people and budding businesses. They also enhance the understanding of the diversity that exist within the British Asian community. Therefore, being associated with BAWA provides us with opportunity to help the community and be a responsible part of the society.

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